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True-life accidents involving young drivers, their causes and effects

Young and inexperienced drivers are more prone to have road accidents by virtue of their lack of driving experience. A study carried out by the insurance sector shows that young drivers are more predisposed to face death or be seriously injured while driving than older motorists. In addition, while deaths by road and fatal accidents are falling on average for most other groups, they are growing exponentially for young motorists by over a whopping 10% annually.

The gross number of injuries and fatalities caused yearly as a result of road accidents in the UK is about 200,000 with over 3,000 of these resulting in one or more deaths. Road accidents are as a result of a variety of causes. The main causes of road accidents worldwide are: irresponsible driver behaviour, shoddy road maintenance, bad road design and equipment or mechanical failure.

An example of an accident by a young motorist is one that occurred in Farnham, UK. It was a head on collision between a bus and a Renault Espace which was travelling at a speed of 50 mph in a 30mph zone. There were no fatalities but the young lad did suffer a broken leg, cuts and minor bruises. No passenger on the bus was injured. This whole episode could have been avoided if the young driver had, simply, observed the speed limit.

Another head on collision on the UK roads is one which happened on  the A68 in Northumberland and it involved a VW Golf with a nineteen year old driver which was doing over 90mph in a 60 mph zone. The driver of the VW Golf died instantly and the other driver was hospitalized with a broken ribcage, a broken collarbone, a crushed vertebrae and whiplash. It took him several months and surgeries to get him up and running. This accident too could have been averted had the driver of the VW Golf observed the speed limit.

Another accident on the UK roads which could have been avoided was the one that involved a Ford escort with a driver aged 21. The driver was overtaking recklessly; to avoid on coming traffic he veered off the road and hit a tree head on. He only escaped with stitches to his face but says he was saved by the fact that he was wearing a seat belt. This goes to show that a simple action like wearing a seat belt can go a long way towards risking the human costs of driver folly; had he not been wearing one, he would probably have been hurled through the wind screen and perhaps died in the process.

The biggest setback to efforts to reduce accidents by young drivers has been the reckless and carefree attitude that many of them exhibit when they get behind a wheel. One of the reasons for them causing accidents may include situations where the young driver is impaired by driving whilst drunk, fatigued or drugged. Driving under these circumstances will most likely result in an accident. A study has found out that around 300 people a year are involved in a serious accident occasioned by a driver who fell asleep at the wheel. It concluded that young drivers face more risk from accidents caused by driver fatigue. Statistics support this by showing that young motorists are essentially the group most at risk of being involved in road carnage. This is coupled with the fact that two drivers aged 25 or younger, die, on average, as the result of road accidents every day.

It is a fact that most road accidents can be prevented, especially so for young drivers. If one took the trouble of observing the traffic rules to their strictest sense, the number of accidents would plummet to acceptable minimums. All it takes is just a little responsibility on the part of the young drivers.


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