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When teenagers get their driverís licences the next decision to make is what car they are going to drive and parents could do well to examine all the different information available before making a decision or helping the young person to make one. A lot of parents recommend a "hand me down" car or a cheap used car; there is a misconception that these cars are less expensive to run, maintain and insure.

The initial cost of a hand me down car is of course nothing which is a significant plus to those with limited budgets and if the teenager is unable to contribute to the car and insurance payments this option becomes even more attractive. However, do not be too hasty in proceeding with this decision. The first thing that will need to be done is to have the car thoroughly inspected by a certified mechanic and then anything that is worn or broken has to be replaced; after all lives are at stake here! Cars with worn brakes and suspensions do not perform as well and increase the chance of an accident. Depending on the age of the car and it's condition bringing it up to scratch can cost several thousand pounds, which could make a sizeable deposit towards a new vehicle. Fuel consumption is also a problem with older cars; the miles per gallon are significantly lower than for new vehicles (particularly the hybrids) making daily driving cost more and petrol is not likely to get any cheaper in the near future. Let's consider safety, too: older cars do not have safety features such as anti-lock brakes, air bags, impact zone reinforcements, and other safety features that most new cars possess as standard, and young drivers are inexperienced drivers so they need all the safety features they can get. Maintenance initially and ongoing will be a factor as older cars do break down as their parts wear out, and  the lack of advanced safety features could well increase the cost of car insurance.

A used vehicle will face many of the same problems as the hand me down. The parent or teenager has to purchase the car resulting in a large amount of money up front and financing costs for an older used vehicle are usually more expensive than for a new vehicle. There are also the same problems with inspecting the vehicle and making sure that all the essential things are in proper repair and if the car has  problems, these  could mean expensive repairs particularly for items such as suspension systems, transmissions, fuel pumps and timing belts which can run into thousands of pounds. Since used vehicles do not have much of a warranty once they are purchased, anything that goes wrong usually falls to the owner to repair. Fuel cost is just as crucial. These are still older cars, so their fuel efficiency is much less than a newer car. Insurance costs are more expensive on an older used vehicle just as it would be with a hand me down. So overall the parents get all the same problems as the hand me down but have to shell out for the purchase of the car.

So what is the answer to providing a teenager with a reliable car? Consider purchasing or helping the teen to purchase a new vehicle. The new car has a ton of advantages. Start with financing. A new car comes with various purchase incentives that help decrease the amount of out of pocket money that must be paid at the time of purchase. Financing is easier because the car is worth more. Usually finance companies will offer lower interest rates on new cars. The young drivers will also have their names on the title to the car which will help them to build their credit ratings. Insurance premiums will be much lower due to the discounts that the new car will bring to the policy.

Safety features such as air bags and anti-lock brakes will decrease how much it cost to insure the car because the chances of having to pay out large sums of money due to injuries is less. There is also the benefit of knowing that the youngster has all the latest and greatest in safety features and there is a lot to be said for the peace of mind this brings a parent. Petrol consumption is so much better on a new vehicle than an older one which makes the day to day cost of running the car much better which is especially beneficial for those young low-earners who are paying for their own fuel. New cars also carry warranties that will cover any repairs for a specified period. Finally; a major benefit is the pleasure the teenagers gets from owning a new vehicle, especially if they contribute financially to purchase and upkeep of the car.

When one considers all the advantages to owning a new car the myth that the older hand me down is cheaper is dispelled. Then there are those things that do not cost money but mean a lot to both parent and offspring; things such as safety, desirability of the car and not having to worry that it will break down late at night while the teenager is alone on the road.  Another big advantage to buying young drivers  a new car is that it will be with them for many years and not break down in a year leaving the parents to start the process again. Finally parents should remember this: cars purchased when the youngsters get their licences should carry them all the way through college so that the next car they have to buy will be when their education is finished and they can pay for it themselves!

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